The Transfused

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 17, 2016 • 8PM (DOORS AT 7:45) • $7-10 NOTAFLOF

This month we are excited to be celebrating the work of living legend/artist/activist/singer Nomy Lamm with a live recording of her late 90’s rock opera collaboration with the Need “The Transfused” as well as a teaser for her upcoming documentary “Legacy of the Mystic Shrine”

Presented in Glorious VHS!

4104NRVA2FLThe Transfused/1999/Nomy Lamm + The Need
Following multiple collaborations, the sense of community involvement, DIY spirit, and willingness to experiment led to The Need’s creation of The Transfused, a full-length rock opera, co-written with Lamm. Twelve months in the making, with an original score by Carns and Sloan, a cast of twenty-five, a full backing band, $40,000 in grassroots fundraising, months of rehearsals, and hundreds of volunteers, The Transfused sold out its two-week run at Olympia’s Capitol Theater in summer 2000. An album featuring music from the production was released on Yoyo Recordings

The Transfused is:
Music: Rachel Carns and Radio Sloan
Lyrics and Vocals: Nomy Lamm
Story by Rachel Carns, Freddie Fagula, Nomy Lamm, Radio Sloan, and Emily Stern

Video documentation of The Transfused was made with the support of The Evergreen State College.


Plus A Sneak Peak of:
Legacy of the Mystic Shrine
Excerpt, directed by Nomy Lamm, 5min 30sec

Legacy of the Mystic Shrine is an experimental documentary focusing on the Masonic sect known as the Shriners, a fraternal order made up of Master Masons, whose nickname comes from the official title “The Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.” While the Freemasons tend to cloak themselves in mystery and symbolism, the Shriners’ reputation is one of fun and philanthropy. With a network of 22 children’s hospitals in the United States and beyond, they sponsor circuses, dress up in clown costumes, and often appear in public driving tiny cars and wearing appropriated Morrocan fezzes. But their imprint on the children whose bodies they are entrusted with is more complicated than the fun-loving do-gooder image they project. In fact, the experience from the inside of a Shriners hospital can be so mired in trauma and obscured by PR, that many of us don’t know how to speak about their lasting legacy in our bodies, hearts, and psyches.

Legacy of the Mystic Shrine digs in past the plastic image of “charity” and “fun” to reveal what some adult survivors refer to as “Shriner torture,” exposing the bizarre truth of do-gooder clowns who experiment on children’s bodies. Meet Enajite Pela, a young non-binary Black musician who was operated on at Shriners Hospital from early childhood up into the early 2000’s, and Marsha Saxton, a disability rights activist who spent a total of almost two years at Shriners in the 1950’s. The stories are chilling and enraging, giving insight into childhood resilience, highlighting legacies of medical experimentation and eugenics that try to control and dictate the form and function of marginalized bodies.

This is a work in progress, created with support from the San Francisco Arts Commission.

As always, FREE POPCORN, Raffle and door prizes! Snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks will be available for purchase in our snack bar!

Prioritized seating for people with disabilities and/or BYOC (bring your own chair). For your convenience, please arrive early (around 7:45 p.m.). The cinema is accessible by scooter and wheelchair but our bathrooms are not. There are accessible bathrooms half a block down at Mission Creek. We are 4 blocks from the BART. If you have any other accessibility concerns, please ask, and we invite feedback.

$7 suggested donation. NOTAFLOF