“Duets: works by artists in private duets with Dara Greenwald” Curated by Irina Contreras
Presented April 18, 2012 • Artists’ Television Access • 992 Valencia St. • S.F., CA

Featuring the work of:

Dara Greenwald
Carolyn Castano
Suzanne Oshinsky
Coco Riot and Luna Allison
Elisha Lim and Coco Riot
Duke and Battersby
Christina Sanchez

Duets will feature several artists whose works I have chosen responding to Dara Greenwald’s in some way. Dara Greenwald, artist, activist, thinker, organizer, and all-around inspirational person (as noted in “Remembering Dara Greenwald” in Bad at Sports obituary by Abigail Satinsky) passed earlier this year. Within the last year, she was able to compile her video works with the help of friends on her Vimeo account. What she has left behind is a rich resource for current and upcoming video artists, activists and thinkers to learn from and engage with for years to come. ~ Curator Irina Contreras


Dara Greenwald • Bouncing in the Corner #36 DDD • 2 min & 34 sec
A late 90′s feminist looks back on the seminal work of Bruce Nauman. A take off on Bouncing in the Corner where everything is taken off.
Suzanne Oshinsky • This That Here There These Those • 35 sec
Associations of words. From this (peacock) to that (pee cock) and these (pea cock) or those (pea cock) and back again.
Carolyn Castano • La Extranjera • 3 min & 52 sec
A masked woman, le samourai, a dog, and One Hundred Years of Solitude.
Dara Greenwald • Tactical Tourist • 14 min  & 52 sec
Fun times in squatted former fascist police barracks, sex toys from discarded computer mouses, sewing in public spaces, ‘rurban’ gardens: a diy portrait of the squatting movement in Barcelona.
Christina Sanchez • Serial Recall • 2 min & 36 sec
I am wearing my dance shoes and pour a sack of imported rice onto a hardwood floor. I stomp directly on the rice, attempting to recall a dance routine from my childhood.
Duke and Battersby • Songs of Praise • 15 min
Songs of Praise for the Heart Beyond Cure marks Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby return to the episodic structure of their earlier works Rapt and Happy, Being Fucked Up and Bad Ideas for Paradise. As with earlier works, Songs of Praise takes on difficult, often painful subject matter.  Themes of addiction, violence, the destruction of the natural world and the agonies of adolescence are woven through the work, but as Sarah Milroy writes for the Globe and Mail, the work is “anything but depressing… [it is founded in] a sense of wonder at the endearing weirdness of life and all the vulnerable, furry little creatures immersed in it (especially us).”
Coco Riot and Luna Allison • Buttercup • 3 min & 57 sec
Inspired by “Buttercup” by spoken word artist Luna Allison (featuring in the video) and created in collaboration with her, this video is a reflection about belonging, a subject that I’ve been working on for a long time. Belonging in the space, there is the contradiction between the lanscape (the melted and rocky ice pool of Parc Lafontaine, Montréal) and the tools we have to move through this landscape (ice skates).
Elisha Lim and Coco Riot • I thought you were a boy/Creia que eras un nino • 2 min & 55 sec
A story about grandmas that love us. A trans tale in Spanish with English subtitles.
Una historia de las abuelas que nos quisieron. En español con subtítulos en inglés.
Bettina Escauriza and Dara Greenwald • Love it or Leave It • 7 min & 9 sec
A patriotic passion play about a small city in love with Uncle Sam. An erotic meditation on two US obsessions: patriotism and porn
Andres Pulido • Tepoztlán inolvidable • 1 min & 15 sec
Fotografías y sonido grabado un domingo lleno de gente en las pirámides.
Andres Pulido • Teotihuacán Inolvidable • 22 sec
Fotografías y sonido de un músico en las pirámides.
Suzanne Oshinsky • Exorcise Too • 16 sec
More word association
Duke and Battersby • 
My Heart the Lumberjack • 13 sec
Sickening and funny, My Heart the Lumberjack is a fifteen second excerpt from the American television program “Blind Date”.

CURATOR IRINA CONTRERAS is an Oakland-based interdisciplinary artist, producer and writer.
Her individual and collaborative projects change form and medium but stem from a personal reflection of collective experiences. Recent projects have taken the form of telenovela, text, interactive theatre, curating, cooking and almost always, collaboration. Her writing will appear in the upcoming anthology Beyond Walls and Cages: Bridging Prison Abolition and Immigrant Justice Movements with past texts in the anthology, Nobody Passes: Rejecting the Rules of Gender and Conformity and other publications such as LOUDmouth Magazine and make/shift Magazine. Her curatorial work has looked at queer experimental video and has ranged site from Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, free video showings in Chinatown Los Angeles parks, FUSION, Feria del Libro to Artists Television Access. She has held residency at PA 61 in Mexico City and Kala in Berkeley. Recent shows include performances and video at Chicana Feminisms at Cal State Long Beach and make/shift RecLAmation at University of California, Santa Barbara, You Make Me Laugh at SF 1, Actions, Conversation and Intersections, the Audacity of Desperation and Before We Were Named. More of her work is available on the websites: machinegunsteady.tumblr.com & scenesunseenproduction.com.